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l can sing
You can sing
We can sing

Don't waste time!
You can quickly attain good singing skills with the best vocal teacher.

Do you want to easily hit high notes?

​You will be able to see improvement in 2 months.

1 to 1 individual classes

Regardless of age/ genre of music/ skill level
Focused on addressing individual mistakes, you can significantly achieve your desired goal with personalized training sessions.

1 : 2 group class

You can enjoy singing classes with your friend/ loved one. You will also establish good singing harmony with your partner too.
Recommended for couples or friends. 


Teacher Miri

We proceed after consultation

trial class (40min)


Student 2 months later : Rusian , pop singing

Chest Voice Class Video

Student 3 months later: Chinese, Pop singing

Mixed Voice Class Video

Why did the students choose Miri?

More reviews written by other students themselves.

Chinese, Yu**

I would like to share with you all about my experience as a student of Miri's singing class. As someone who is "tone deaf," I never thought I would be able to sing well, but with Miri's help, I have seen a significant improvement in my abilities. Not only has Miri helped me improve my singing, but she has also helped me in enhancing my speaking skills.


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