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Miri Vocal Class Curriculum

Basic Foundation (3month ~ 6month)

1. Posture (sound support)

- From head to toe, you will learn how to prepare each part of your body to project your voice in singing. You will also learn the optimal posture in singing with a microphone.

- Good posture forms an essential foundation in singing. It also reduces your body tension and also allows you to exude more confidence in front of your audience.


2. Breathing (sound support)

- Fully maximize your entire lung capacity to store more air, and learn to channel specific amounts required in varying techniques of singing.

- Train your diaphragm to equip yourself with the ability to control the amount of air projection. This will better control your voice's volume and to ensure that you never run out of breath.


3. Vocal cords (sound color/tone)

- Imagine that you are a pianist, but ironically do not know the technicalities in playing the piano. For singers, the vocal cords serve as our tiny but powerful instrument, similar to that of a piano for a pianist.

- Learn to utilize the vocal cords shape, function, movement in sound making and breathing

- Control your vocal cords to make 3 different types of sound; chest/mixed/head voices


4. Resonance (sound quality)

-Resonance is a sound effect produced using the various anatomical spaces above your vocal cords.

- Even if you have good grasp of points 1, 2 and 3, you will still end up torturing your lover’s ears if you do not apply resonance as your voice projection will be too loud and harsh.

- there are 4 points of resonance to learn (nose/mouth/head/chest).


1. You will be surprised at how easy you can hit high pitches.

2. Your voice becomes more stable and you will be able to sustain it longer periods of singing.

3. You will look more confident when you are on the stage.

4. You will be able to make various types of voices (chest/mixed/head) efficiently and stylishly.


1. Vibrato

- This is the wave of the sound produced with air projection. you will learn 2 different types of vibrato 1: breathing vibrato and

2: vocal cords vibrato

- With good control of your diaphragm and lungs you will be able to efficiently use this technique to enhance the quality of your singing.


2. Dynamics 1 : Volume

- Maintaining 1 type of sound (chest/mixed/head), you are able to control your projected volume to make dynamics in your singing

- This is based on good control of your vocal cords and diaphragm.

3. Dynamics 2 : Switch voice

- You are able to smoothly switch between the type of voices (e.g: chest->mix->chest and so on) from wider phrases to just a vowel.

- This is based on the control of your vocal cords


4. Recording

- You will learn how to control the quality of your voice for recording


Your singing will sound more professional at this level.

The colour of your singing will be more dramatic and convey more emotions

High Techniques

Direction changes

This is Miri's special technique compared to other teachers. You will learn how to control 'space' with different directions to sing even more professionally.


A lot of legendary/diva singers have mastered this skill.


Based on resonance changes you can control your 'space/direction' differently to express your emotions.


You can call yourself a professional singer at this point and can dare to venture in ways to showcase your skill!

( Performance / apply for competitions / publishing )

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